The Youth Pioneer Society Concluded the 2nd Edition of Its Entrepreneurships Development Program “Chance 2016” and Awards the Winners:

Hessa Behzad

“It all began with an idea to re-invent the tea experience in Bahrain,” explained Hessa Behzad, newly crowned winner of the Change Program entrepreneurial competition. Hessa told us how through the program she gained the vision and the skills she needed to successfully launch her new business. “Even though I had an idea for Rosie Lee’s, an English tearoom with a twist, I didn’t have an entrepreneurial mindset.”

The program gave Hessa her own chance to build confidence in her capabilities, and overcome her naysayers. Said Hessa, “Some people underestimated my idea and that honestly made me think less of myself. Now I feel certain I’d be able to apply what I’ve learned to create other successful and sustainable projects in the future.”

Great things take time and implementing a new business plan is no different. There’s much to consider like choosing a location, conducting a feasibility study, and learning more about your specific field. As Hessa explained, “I’m working on getting certified as a master tea blender and patenting our unique merchandise, but my main challenge is timing the launch of Rosie Lee’s just right to ensure it’s a complete success.”

Hessa Behzad/Rosie Lee’s

Khalid Hassan

Anyone will tell you that when you get an opportunity, you should take it. And Khalid Abdulmajeed, an Industrial Relations Manager at Batelco, can tell you that first-hand.

Khalid, who has a bachelor’s degree of Economics and Political Science, is currently working on a project that can be greatly beneficial on a number of levels. “My business is recycling of used cooking oil and converting it into biodiesel”, Khalid says. “It will help in protecting the environment and at the same time doing business that will help in reducing cost on Ministry of Works and achieving Bahrain’s environmental strategy.”

Khalid also definitely knew when to seize the right opportunity. He was involved with The Chance Program, which he says “has benefitted me through improving my research skills, creating my business plan, presenting my idea to investors and inspiring me through Bahraini entrepreneurs successful stories.”

However, the opportunities Khalid has taken advantage of extend beyond something beneficial such as the Chance Program. When asked what challenges he may face in the future, Khalid responded “I believe challenge does not exist for real entrepreneurs. Each challenge I may face is an opportunity.”

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Khalid Hassan

Rasha Abduljabbar

Rasha Abduljabbar is the entrepreneur responsible for, “Fun on Wheels”, a business proposal that landed her 3rd place on the Chance program. A mother of 2 with a passionate heart for children, she wanted to create a safe and fun playground that is transportable and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Initially, Rasha was reluctant to pursue the idea because she didn’t know a lot about businesses. Recalling that through the program, she undertook various seminars, workshops, and events on business building, which then equipped her with the skills she needed for her idea to succeed.

“Chance gave me the chance to meet the right people in the field, knowing which steps to do, how to do a business plan, market research and more. As a person, I have more friends now, and more contacts [that] gave me the support and more confidence in myself and my business.” Taking pride in how her business is also one of a kind in Bahrain, she is enthusiastic that although funding is a challenge, the idea will surely grow.

Rasha Abduljabbar/Fun on Wheels

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