Break a sweat, and lose up to 800 calories in 20 minutes with 0805 Fitness! Here’s how


An exercise for 20 minutes a week which is equivalent to 3-4 hours at the gym? Is this utopia or reality? We at Startup MGZN bring you an interesting, and time efficient solution.

This is dedicated to everyone who struggles to find time to exercise, looks to enhance their strength, burn the extra fat, build more muscles, or simply hates going to the gym, we’ve got you a better, faster and very efficient solution that could get you fit with less time. Meet 0805 Fitness, an Electrical Muscle Stimulation Studio that brings a new dimension in Full Body Workouts. Check out our visit to 0805 Fitness here!

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) mimics the brain’s natural impulses to stimulate your muscles, so instead of your brain giving the orders for your muscles to contract, it’s the electrodes that do that. The client first wears a special breathable suit, and then suit up with the exercise vest that’s hooked with electrodes and connected to the EMS machine, where they can begin their exercise session with the certified EMS trainers. But don’t freak out! No wall climbings or running marathons are required, the workouts are actually customized according to the needs, objectives, and capabilities of each client. The workouts mainly include steady movements such as squats, lunges, bicep curls, and the likes.

Launched by Lama Zaarour in 2018, 0805 Fitness is equipped by world-renowned German EMS Technology, Miha Bodytec, who has been an industry leader since 2007. Lama paid a visit to Bahrain in 2016 and instantly fell in love with the country, alongside its culture and people, thus encouraging her to open 0805 Fitness in the Kingdom. “When I decided to establish the company I thought it was only fit to have the name correspond to the date of my visit, 5th of May 2016 (08/05),” Lama explains the name of her studio.

We asked Lama about the scientific process of EMS Training, and she tells us that it’s the administration of small electrical pulses that help engage 90% of the muscles including those that we’re unable to feel or control. “The workout is intense, however, there is no pain involved and our clients only feel tingling sensations,” she elaborates.

Worried about your safety? Well you shouldn’t. “EMS is completely safe and is used at physiotherapy centres for patients recovering from injuries making 0805 Fitness one of the unique fitness centres that provides an exercising solution for those with back and knee pain,” Lama explains. She reassures that EMS is easy on the joints and the electrodes goes straight to the skeletal muscles, leaving the cardiac and organ muscles untouched.

EMS training is for anyone starting from the age of 16, so it doesn’t really matter if you’re a gym fanatic, or a beginner, as 0805 Fitness can accommodate each person with their various programs, which include, Strength Development, Muscle Building, Fat Burning and Reduction, Body Toning and Figure Shaping, Cellulite reduction, Pelvic Floor strengthening, Back Pain improvement and much more. Of course, the benefits are endless, as EMS training can help you with muscle development, strength development, weight loss, back pain, fat burning and loss, and pain relief, to name a few.

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On the other hand, while it’s okay to be a couch potato, you shouldn’t, however, eat like one. EMS Training is just like any other workout. In order to see results, you need to maintain a healthy diet – we know it’s such a buzzkill, pun intended (but one cheat meal a week for your breakdowns won’t hurt!). Lama states that results begin to be apparent after four sessions, and are highly noticeable after 3 months if the client is constant with attending once per week.

Lama tells us that they’re currently focused on catering their services to the rest of Bahrain, and are working on expanding into locations in the country. “In addition to that, our short term direction is focused on establishing partnerships and collaborations with various entities who share a common interest in health, wellbeing, and fitness,” she says.

You can now book your FREE trial with 0805 Fitness! Check out their Instagram and website for more information.
Curious to see how it all happens before you try it out? You can check out our coverage of 0805 Fitness here.

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