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Bahrain’s newest initiative “7ewar” hosts a debate between Millennials & Gen X

Is it true that millennials cannot stay in their jobs for long, unlike our parents? How about a debate between millennials and the older generation to dissect this topic in depth? This is what the Rotary Club of Adliya’s newest initiative “7ewar” planning on doing.

On November 11th, at the BIBF, 7ewar is hosting its quarterly debate between millennials and generation X to discuss workplace issues, with the aim of bridging the gap between the two generations. In addition to encouraging dialogue and creating innovative solutions to improve productivity.

The debate will have a panel of 3 millennials vs. 3 executive managers. The panelists include:


  • Masooma Kadhem – A freelance content writer with a passion for community engagement and service. She is also the Program Coordinator for AMIDEAST in Bahrain.
  • Essa Hadi – Founder of Millennial Roots. Essa is dedicated to transforming workplaces to become what the millennials need and develop to become what the workplaces need.
  • Lulwa Al Hammadi – HR Practitioner at BBK. Lulwa is an economist and financial analyst who graduated from the University of Leeds, UK. She’s an active member of Khutwa, and participated in various research projects.

Executive Managers

  • A. Karim Bucheery – Chairman of Bahrain Bourse and Bahrain Clear Co, and acting CEO and Vice Chairman of Ibdar Bank, BSC, Vice Chairman of Naseej Co., and a member of EDB’s Economic Advisory Board.
  • Jordana Semaan – General Manager of Human Resources at APM Terminals. Jordana has 15 years worth of experience in diverse fields and industries across Bahrain and KSA. She’s also a Board Member of Dreams Society.
  • Dr. Abdulrahman Saif – Deputy Chief Executive at Wholesale Banking Group. Dr. Abdulrahman has 35 years of extensive experience in reputed organizations such as CBB and BBK. He’s a holder of Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Leicester, UK.

Moderated by Amal Al Kooheji, Managing Director at Human Capital Development Advisory, the debate is going to revolve around the topic “What does productivity mean in today’s world?”, whereby the panelists will discuss the definition of productivity, as well as the perception of priorities on what creates productivity.

But that’s not all! Here’s a breakdown of what the session additionally has in store for you:

  • Pay vs. Purpose
      • Impact-oriented and purpose-driven work
      • Job descriptions and their effectiveness
      • Goal setting and how it is done

  • Effectiveness of performance measurement tools used by companies
    • Appraisals types and practices
    • Continuous assessment and feedback
    • Annual performance assessment effectiveness
    • Millennial needs vs. non-millennials needs, and how to fulfill them

We don’t know about you but we’re super excited to attend the debate! It’d be interesting to witness this contrast between millennials and generation X being discussed in a fruitful and positive manner.

7ewar’s debate is supported by BBK, and BIBF, Dadedo, AMG, Millennial Roots and Obai and Hill.

One of Rotary Club of Adliya’s main pillars is empowerment for the development of better local economies and work productivity, hence the reason behind this initiative.

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Bayan Al-A'abed

Bayan Al-A'abed