Just when you thought that it’s impossible for anyone to come up with a life changing business idea that can surpass all other existing ideas, you’re proved wrong. Technology is advancing on a daily basis, and startups are popping up frequently: you’ve got ride hailing apps like Careem, Uber, food delivery apps like Talabat and Deliveroo, and much more.

So one would always be amazed when a startup like Geeks makes an appearance and continues to positively affect their customers with their services. So how did the startup co-founders Mousa Yassin and Fathi Al Sharif come up with Geeks?

To begin with, Geeks is an on-demand tech services platform that aims to provide a quick and easy method of repairing devices such as smartphones, laptops and all other devices. The twist here is that the person doing your repairs is a trained specialist, who’s also called a “geek” would come to your office, home or anywhere, and do the job on the spot. So, you don’t have to worry about driving around, finding the place and wait for a very long time until your device gets fixed, it’s all done instantly.

Yassin and Al Sharif had this idea in late 2014. After their research, they found that it’s hard to get stuff repaired in Dubai, and you can’t really trust anyone. After the co-founders tested their idea out on a trial website and a mini-campaign, the two entrepreneurs decided to finally launch Geeks with their own savings. By the end of 2015, the startup managed to serve 6,500 customers in Dubai, fixed 3,500 phones, 2,400 laptops and 600 tablets.

Geeks is now planning to expand to Saudi Arabia, and initially, launch in Jeddah this year, and then later on, launch in Riyadh in 2018. “We felt it would be wiser to start in a slightly more relaxed environment like Jeddah to be able to understand the legal aspects and the cultural aspects, before getting into a bigger and more challenging environment like Riyadh,” said Yassin to The National.

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Yassin believes that Geeks will always remain ahead of its competitors due to its technology-driven and customer-centric approach.

Photo credits go to The National.

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