Creating presentations could either be an incredibly fun task for you, or it could be the other way around where you find it extremely boring and time consuming. People, whether it’s in the business field or academic field, generally opt for basic templates with only text and pictures when it comes to presentations – it’s simple, and it does the job, we get it. But what if we tell you that there’s a way to make your presentations look incredibly awesome and pretty with just a few clicks? And that’s not even the best part, you can also add animations to your design making it much more attractive and appealing to the audience.

Well it’s real now. Imaginators, an Egypt based online platform launched in 2016 at the RiseUp Summit, helps you design your presentations in an extremely easy and creative manner. You’re free to customize the design and layout of the presentation, and add animations and interactions with just a simple click! How cool is that?

Imaginators came to life when its founder and CEO, 16 year old Moody Boles, and the 15 year old COO, Amr Naguib realized three major problems people face while creating their presentations: People waste too much time and effort on making presentations, poor design, especially if they’re not experienced in designing presentations, and the last problem is that most of these presentations are too basic with only text and images, and 0 interactions. This is why Imaginators was born, to make your presentation look incredibly awesome and at the same time incredibly easy and time efficient to make. If offers a wide range of built-in tools and advanced elements that can be easily added to the presentation.

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Alternatively, Imaginators isn’t Moody’s first startup. He’s also the founder and CEO of, a website that includes news and tutorials on technology and programming. However it’s currently on hold as Moody shifts his focus on his school work and expanding Imaginators at the same time.

When asked about pitching to investors, Moody mentioned the importance of knowing who you are pitching to. “Know your investor very well before pitching. Know his interests, what he cares about, the startups he invested in before, and why he invested in these startups, then customize your pitch to focus more on his interests. Investors always care about the team, and they look at your passion while you’re pitching,” he said.

Some of Imaginators achievements include reaching 24 countries within the first month of its launch. They have also won the Orange Startup Cup Competition for emerging businesses and were selected from the top 5 startups. Additionally, Imaginators entered Startup Reactor accelerator program and received funding from Innoventures.

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Imaginators operates on “Freemium” business model where anyone can use the basic features for free, but by subscribing to a premium plan users can access the full power of the platform from advanced features in the creator, appears first in search results, access analysis dashboard, and much more. You can subscribe to Imaginators here.

Want to know more about Imaginators? They are pretty active on social media, so you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with their updates.

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