Startup Workshops 2 is a series of free practical workshops by Startup MGZN for Bahraini women looking to start their own business or learn new skills and knowledge to take their business to the next level.

The project is funded by the U.S. Government and is made possible through strategic partnerships with Tamkeen, Zain Bahrain, Manama Shapers, Obai & Hill & Majra.

This program is for Bahraini women only.


Building public awareness about women entrepreneurs, highlighting role models, and promoting success stories.

Workshops & Mentorship

Practical workshops & mentorship sessions for Bahraini women, building capacity and knowledge.

Networking & Huddles

Several networking events and huddles open to the public to build a network, be inspired, learn from failures, and more.

Key Highlights

Practical workshops.
Right in Bahrain.
For Bahraini women.
Raising awareness.
Expert instructors.
Guest speakers.
Internship offerings.
Priceless mentorship.
Corporate support.
Casual gatherings.
Insightful huddles.
For you, for free.


Strategic Partners


The upcoming agenda for the program, including workshops, casual gatherings, panel discussions, and huddles.

Due to COVID-19 and in order to keep you safe, our upcoming workshops and events will be held virtually.

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December 20, 2020
Stereotypes on femininity in entrepreneurship & their impact
A panel discussion on female entrepreneurship stereotypes

Femininity, by its very definition, is “Qualities or attributes regarded as characteristic of women.” In 2020, however, we move past such generalizations, we accept how different and unique women are from one another.

But in the world of entrepreneurship, are there stereotypes to femininity? If so, why is it important to shed light on them and help in shattering those glass ceilings?

For our third & last #startupmornings in the Startup Workshops 2 series, our topic will be ‘Stereotypes on femininity in entrepreneurship and how they impact the economy’ which we’ll get to discuss in length with three successful female entrepreneurs.

We’ve got you booked on Sunday, December 20, 2020, @ 1:00 PM with our guest speakers Dr. Sara Al-Madani @ HalaHi, Sarah Schwab @ The Experience Accelerator, and Dina Shabib @ Farahii.

They’ll be sharing a few examples of stereotypes on femininity in the world of entrepreneurship, the ways they impact the economy, moving forward from them, and much more.

This #startupmornings will be moderated by the awesome Marwa Aleskafi, Director of Programs and Strategy, at Brinc MENA.

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Workshops & Gatherings

February & July 2020
How to build & manage a business in Bahrain.
by Sinan Khatib & Zahraa Taher

Learn everything you need to know about launching a business in Bahrain, from building your soft skills to navigating the registration process, to validating your idea.

May & July 2020
How to build a technology startup in Bahrain.
by Yazin Alirhayim & Yasser Hadi

Learn what “tech” entails in a “tech startup”. Why would you build one? How is it different than a traditional business? In-depth insights from expert practitioners and all your questions answered.

June & August 2020
How to grow your Bahraini business using technology.
by Ehsan Al-Kooheji & Ahmed Haji

Leverage technology to take your business to the next level, from websites to domains to your CRM, and more. Be different in how you run your business and gain an advantage.

September, October & November 2020
Gatherings & Panels

Build bridges with like-minded individuals who share your drive of starting and growing a business in a casual setting. Gain firsthand knowledge from real-life female entrepreneurs in panel discussions.

September & October 2020
Startup Huddles

Pitch and showcase your business idea at the Huddle, learn and get constructive feedback and deep insights from industry experts who’ve been through it all who’ll take your startup to the next level and beyond.

Registration to each of the events will take place on this page and be open a couple of weeks before each of the events or workshops. Make sure to sign up to our mailing list to receive invitations and announcements.

February 23-24 2020
How to build & manage a business in Bahrain.
by Sinan Khatib

A serial entrepreneur who’s built many business, including Noodle Wok, Burrito Loco, & Sandwich Guys. Broad expertise, a Psychoanalytic Theory major (University of Toronto), attorney at SDMA, to a VP at Thomas Weisel Partners, he’s now running a manpower business that staffs the biggest startups in the region.

May 18-19 2020
How to build a technology startup in Bahrain.
by Yazin Alirhayim

Yazin is the founder of Amal AI, an app that automatically tracks your spending. He was previously VP, Payments at Souq — which he joined through the acquisition of White Payments, a credit card processing company he began in 2015. He is a Computer Engineering graduate from the University of Bahrain.

June 15-16 2020
How to grow your Bahraini business using technology.
by Ehsan Al-Kooheji

Ehsan is the General Manager at Kooheji Systems and is an outspoken technology & business enthusiast. He’s worked with many reputable organizations including the Bahrain Economic Development Board, Central Bank of Bahrain, Ministry of Youth & Sports Affairs, and many more.

July 21-22 2020
How build a technology startup in Bahrain.
by Yasser Abdulaziz

For this virtual workshop, your instructor will be Yasser Abdulaziz. Yasser is the Co-Founder and CEO of Malaeb App, a sports community app that connects people through sports. Malaeb is currently operating in 5 countries all over the GCC. Before he started Malaeb, Yasser was working at Unilever as part of the finance team for 3 years; after graduating with an Accounting and Finance degree from the University of Wales.

August 18-19 2020
How grow your Bahraini business using technology.
by Ahmed Haji

For this virtual workshop, your instructor will be Ahmed Haji. An expert in web development and technology, Ahmed currently works as the Head of Business Solutions at Bahrain’s leading bank, the National Bank of Bahrain. Prior to that, he had been working as a System Specialist at the same bank, after being an Information System Specialist at Batelco. Ahmed is a Computer Science graduate from the University of Bahrain.

September 15-16 2020
How to build & manage a business in Bahrain.
by Zahraa Taher

You’ll be excited to know that for this virtual workshop, your facilitator will be Zahraa Taher. Zahraa is a communications and events strategist with nearly 20 years of experience – so you know you’ll be able to build a long lasting successful business! Before going on to establish EVENTSCOM, she began her career in Arab Insurance Group (ARIG), and then co-founded FinMark Communications, a specialist business and financial PR firm serving the Gulf and European markets.


Here’s what some of the previous attendees of these workshops had to say! Definitely don’t take our word for it, read what they have to say.

"This workshop was fantastic, cannot hype it enough, gained an enormous amount of knowledge thanks to you!"

Zainab, Student

“I really enjoyed the workshop and I learned massive information that I have not heard before.”

Fatima, Freelance Translator

“Found this workshop incredibly informative in understanding the ABCs of starting a business. Information is equally important for the consumer as for the seller!”

Sara, English Language & Literature Student

“Very beneficial workshop I learned exactly what I am looking for from Sinan, looking forward to joining more workshops!”

Hawraa, Motion Graphic Designer & Social Content Creator

“I surely did enjoy and benefit from the workshop. It was a great opportunity that came right in time!”

Ghadeer, Human Resources Professional

“This workshop is really helpful, I enjoyed every moment. I got inspired by everyone here to start to think about a good business idea!”

Leena, Banking & Finance Student

“I think this is one of the most interesting workshops for anyone who wants to start their own business. I enjoyed it very much, and I would definitely recommend it!”

Zainab, English Trainer

“I enjoyed the workshop, I learned many things, every information was helpful!”

Lama, Accounting Student

“Been thinking about starting my own business, but had no idea how to do so. This workshop came in perfect timing, I immediately signed up.”

Reem, English Teacher

“I want to start my own business once I graduate, I found the workshop so helpful, everyone here was so cooperative, and it’s great networking!”

Mariam, Student

“Thanks a ton to Yazin, and the organizers, and participants. Catch you in the upcoming workshop!”

Hadil, PR Officer

“Thank you for organizing this informative workshop, I learned a lot and gained insight on the startup community.”

Sarah, Student

“I really learned and enjoyed this workshop. Thank you so much! I'll make sure to join the next one.”

Fatima, Home business owner

“I really learned and enjoyed this workshop. Thank you so much! I'll make sure to join the next one.”

Maryam, Student