The Power of Devices in Growing Businesses

The challenges of managing a small business are growing.  The last thing a business owner should be concerned about is adapting to new technologies.  Established industries have already recognized the effectiveness of streamlining communications in their business operations.  More banks are going electronic; passengers can check in on their mobile devices; appointments with your doctor can be made directly on the hospital’s website.

The next sensible step is for small businesses to join in the trend.  Traditional business expenses can easily be replaced with technology and the most versatile trend these days is the smart device.

However, one of the most crucial advantages to empowering your business with a device is the amount of time ultimately saved.  A common challenge to business owners is not enough hours in the day to run the business – especially since most small business owners run multiple roles hence time management is critical.

Facts and Figures

To put things in perspective, here are some staggering figures:

38% of small business owners regard time as the most important asset.

72% of small business owners work both longer days and on more weekends.

50% of small business owners indicate that they do not have enough time to get things done. (source:

Another study was conducted by Citrix GoToMeeting in 2013 where over 1,250 small businesses around the world indicated that the second most popular device at the workplace is the Smartphone (at 62%, falling only 2% behind the most popular device – the PC).

Popular Business Uses of Devices

Devices have become an integral part of consumers’ lives and introducing them to businesses is a natural extension. Some of the most popular business uses for devices are:

Connectivity – using devices to access telecommunication services like data, voice and extending this connectivity as a value-adding service to customers (wifi).  Devices like the office-in-a-box from Batelco offer all-in-one communications, unifying voice, video, networking, messaging, conferencing and desktop applications, thus helping employees work smarter and serve customers more effectively. With a built-in router, business application integration and other essential features – connectivity is now a necessity and not a luxury.

See Also

Using tablets as soft point-of-sale machines. Batelco’s Altijara offers such a feature.

Data exchange and viewing – synchronizing your business’s appointment schedule with your calendar for instance.  Or setting up a product catalog to enable easy browsing for customers

Remotely accessing online services like CCTV ensuring your assets are safely monitored

Keeping track of finances and how your business is performing.  A number of apps are available to help you track and manage your business finances.

Devices, therefore, are no longer a luxury.  They are widely available and manufacturers have recognized how sophisticated consumers have become.  New models for tablets, smartphones, laptops and mobile routers are continuously being introduced.  Batelco has recognized this massive demand and is continuously introducing new solutions to cater to businesses as well as powerful devices aimed at improving experience and productivity.

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