Presenting the Next Big Thing in Work Practices: Immersive Telecommuting


We are constantly bombarded with revolutionary inventions and technological upgrades. Telecommuting is one such innovation that enables organizations to work remotely while sustaining productivity levels and consequently outputs.

Companies are expected to compete and deliver more, using less time and resources. As a result, several enterprises are on a constant lookout for alternative working environments especially remote and online, and immersive telecommuting is the next futuristic marvel.

The Essence of a Habitual Technological Evolution 

To help enterprises maintain peak levels of productivity and performance, The Institute of Environmental Management and Sustainability (IEMS Academy) and Munfarid, spearheaded by Dr. Sana Farid, Healthcare Futurist, and Pioneer Ai & XR Strategist, are collaborating to implement an immersive “remote” work platform tailored for emergencies like natural disasters, pandemics, etc. The objective is to foster a highly interactive and unified virtual experience enabling efficient remote work.

Possessing the Ideal Recipe of a Killer Remote Work Platform

The platform is easy to use, requiring minimal training for seamless and uninterrupted onboarding of employees. Moreover, the presence of maximum parameters and a cross-platform functionality (across computers and smartphones) are other noteworthy factors of the remote work platform.

Additionally, it provides collaboration and group tasks to foster a team working and persevering spirit throughout an organization.

“Our ultimate focus should be on human evolution and sustainability. Synergy with machinery intelligence and smart connectivity are amongst the innovative marvels facilitating organizations to adapt smoother work transitions. Companies seek to efficiently utilize the internet to impact activities like collaboration and online meetings. As a matter of fact, several firms are already exploring enhanced options like interactive and immersive collaborative environments to boost productivity and focus.”

Introducing the Scintillating 5G Technology

With the 5G revolution around the corner, network providers are rapidly gearing up for 5G deployments. Faster data speeds, high-speed remote work, and intelligent connectivity, are some of the numerous benefits that the 5G upgrade will provide.

Mr. Faisal Malik, CTO at Huawei MiddleEast, firmly believes that we live in an era of disruption and groundbreaking technologies like 5G are transforming the world. 

On another note, government departments are actively seeking remote working options to maintain the overall balance of systems and processes. From a governmental standpoint, it’s crucial to adopt and implement futuristic technologies like immersive work platforms to strengthen the overall economy and pave the way for a prosperous future.

“Organizations are seeking IEMS to critique innovative methods to deal with unexpected situations. All companies share a common objective: Fixate on a streamlined process to continue work while promoting employee safety and productivity. Here’s where disruptive technologies positively impact without disrupting the company itself.”

Unraveling the Marvel of Alternative Workplaces

Consider the example of a typical real estate office. Rent, electricity, and other expenses are quite normal. Then, there’s the whole process of welcoming clients to an office and going on property tours.

An alternative workplace introduces non-traditional work practices and environments aimed at improving work performance while reducing overhead costs.

Now, the same real estate agent switches to an alternative workplace that is online-centric. An online platform helps users narrow down on the type, area, and budget of a real estate property, thus promoting ease of usage. The availability of an online virtual platform opens up several avenues of financial opportunities for the agent.

Overhead expenses are reduced and the overall client acquisition process is streamlined. Telecommuting creates an immersive working space that realistically emulates a real office. As a result, a designated physical space is no longer necessary. Moreover, instead of fixing time and meeting potential clients in person, all communication is done online or across virtual environments.

From a buyer’s perspective, searching and narrowing down preferences is quite simple. Interested parties don’t need to drive multiple times to the real estate office and then to property sites, before making a decision. In conclusion, the entire buying experience is virtual and delivers immense customer satisfaction.

This revolutionary technology of immersive telecommute allows users to be in two places at the same time. As a result, immersive telecommuting enables the modern employee to work from home, while still having a healthy social life and interaction with fellow colleagues. Therefore, employees feel a greater sense of connection and balance, even while working remotely.

Incredulous Artificial Intelligence Statistic

Many organizations worldwide feared the onset of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) would mark a steep decline in required workforce. However, this report suggests that Ai is set to create a whopping 58 million new jobs by 2022!

As a result, Ai will create more jobs that it will destroy, thus positively impacting the economy while introducing invigorating tools that will help in spreading awareness about diseases faster than the infections spread themselves.

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Immersive Remote Education is Full of Impact

VR powered classrooms feature a highly immersive learning environment where students are immersed with other peers and the teacher. Life-sized virtual avatar pictures of students foster a feeling of being in the same room. Another fascinating feature is simulation based training that enhances understanding and application of theoretical concepts in the real world.

One major impact of Immersive Learning is remote learning that enables experts to connect from all around the world (belonging to various time zones). Consequently, students living far away from universities also have access to comprehensive education.

Talking of immersive platforms, Munfarid plans on rolling out an immersive training platform to empower educators. Using this platform, teachers will host presentations and classes for students worldwide. The indispensable recording feature is available as well, enabling students to never miss out on any classes again. Moreover, the entire immersive learning experience is customizable thanks to a comprehensive palette of virtual locations, objects and effects to choose from. Munfarid is the authorized strategic partner in the Middle East for Immersive VR Education – a UK based firm.

The platform will also be hosting V2EC – Virtual Vive Ecosystem Conference: (The largest VR industry & Ecosystem conference powered by HTC Vive). This entire event will emit zero carbon footprint and require zero travel efforts, while featuring a highly impactful industry leaders’ talk. Alvin Wang, President, HTC Vive will spearhead the V2EC event that is scheduled to take place in March 2020.

Immersive education is predicted to become a $700 million industry by 2025. Also, 93% of teachers feel excited about harnessing XR for teaching. The several instances of XR education include game-based learning, virtual field trips, skills training, and now Tele-education – to name a few. 

The recently concluded 2020 Educators in VR International Summit featured 170+ speakers in 150+ events across 5 fully immersive platforms. The speakers discussed several topics including scalability, ethics, monitoring, moderating and managing infrastructure to assist global audiences. 

“AR/VR technologies immerse learners into new perspectives that defy barriers of time, geography and even languages. Moreover, students gain a pragmatic and comprehensive understanding on intricate concepts through virtual “hands-on” training sessions. 

What Next?

In the words of the great Steve Jobs, if we strive to maintain an innovative mindset and keep searching for opportunities while facing every challenge, the future is going to be a bright one.

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