Exploring digitalization opportunities? Chatbots should be on your list, here’s why

80% of businesses are expected to have some sort of chatbot automation by 2020 (Outgrow, 2018). Why is that? Because consumers expect businesses to be constantly online, and especially for emergencies, which is the most predicted use case for chatbots! When you need quick answers for the most common questions – chatbots are the ultimate solution. 

We are definitely going to see the chatbot industry become a driving force when it comes to business communications. With time, chatbots are becoming more human and intelligent to understand in-depth conversations and queries by consumers. The top industries profiting from chatbots currently are real estate, travel, education, healthcare, and finance (Chatbots life 2019)

Let’s talk about some cool chatbots.

Firstly, a cool fact to start this section. The world’s first chatbot was created 50 years ago by MIT professor Weizenbaum called ELIZA. OK, let’s move on.

I Googled once ‘What is the world’s best chatbot?” and it was mind-blowing. 

The world’s best conversational chatbot ‘Mitsuku’ – a record-breaking five-time winner of the Loebner Prize Turing Test, and is also featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC, Guardian, Wired, and more. (Cheat code: What is a Turing Test? It’s a test for intelligent behavior of a machine) What is so interesting about Mitsuku? The bot is used by millions to fight depression. It can talk to people for more than 5 minutes! Check it out for yourself: https://www.pandorabots.com/mitsuku/.  

Another similar chatbot is Flow, which is actually a chatbot therapist. It engages users with daily chat conversations and offers self-help techniques, mood tracking, curated videos, meditation, and mental exercises. Flow is #3 on the top 10 Best Chatbot Builders in 2020. 

Disney has also tapped the chatbot trend. It created a chatbot that featured a character from the 2016 animated film Zootopia, to engage with younger audiences. Children would engage on the chatbot to solve crimes, and Disney had a better understanding of using their audience’s imagination from the questions and answers they shared. 

Are you horrible with meeting schedules? NY based AI Startup x.ai wants Amy and Andrew to help you. How does this work? The virtual assistants Amy or Andrew, can be cc’d into your typical email requests to meet with people over email. The assistants will “understand” the handover and just take it from there with your guests, following up with them to nail the time and location details for the meeting.

Those were my favorite use cases that I wanted to share. Also, one more thing – want to build your own chatbot with no coding required?

 Try ChatterOn. You can choose from over 20 pre-built chatbots with intent, entities, and conversation flow!

Click here: https://www.welcome.ai/tech/agents-bots/chatteron-build-your-own-chat-bots 

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