Do you think the current offerings by Internet and mobile providers are sufficient at equipping startups and entrepreneurs in Bahrain?

Ahmed AlSawafiri, Founder, Startup MGZN

Competition has played a very big role in shaping up the telecommunication sector in Bahrain. Voice and Data packages today are extremely competitive and affordable even by regional standards.

There is a lot that can be done though to offer startups and SMEs more relevant and useful services. I would love to see more bundled packages which could include voice, data and some basic IT equipment all in one package, Or probably bundling Internet packages with basic domain, hosting and email services. I think the opportunity in the SME sector very huge, and would love to see telecommunication companies taking it to the next level.

Ehsan Al-Kooheji, General Manager, Kooheji Systems

I think the current offerings by Internet and mobile providers are sufficient for startups, but not because any of the telecom providers made an effort to support startups. It just so happens that the packages for individuals are suitable for startups as well, so you can get a personal account and use it for a startup business (with wireless services, the telco has no way of knowing if you’re using the service at home or in an office). However if we look at packages specifically catered for businesses, you’ll find that they are overpriced and not suitable for startups. Even packages designed for SMEs don’t provide the pricing and features a startup might require. If all you need is voice calls and basic Internet connectivity, the offerings are decent, but if you need more, let’s just say the next Google or Facebook won’t be launched from Bahrain.

Eyad Ebrahim, Director, Web Avenue 

What we have on offer in Bahrain, as much as we complain about it, is relatively advanced and the providers are more than welling to work with start-ups that have special mobile Data needs. that being said, there’s room for improvement, especially in areas of coverage and reliability.

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I think the ball is in the entrepreneurs court to come up with new ways to use the advanced networks and services to offer new products and solutions, studying the success of African start-ups in mobile payments and other services would be beneficial for all.

Wafa AlObaidat, Creative Director, Obai & Hill

The current offerings for Internet and mobile service provider packages are sufficient as they are the same as the current market price, but they are not catered specifically for the start up business or entrepreneur’s needs. Reduced package rates, and booster packages might be more attractive and ideal for the startup business.

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