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7 newsletters every Arab entrepreneur should subscribe to and know about

Every entrepreneur needs to expand their knowledge on on going topics happening around them, not because it gives you more confidence and the chance to subtly show it off when networking, but because it could genuinely help your startup in terms of growth, risk management, increasing productivity, motivating your team and the list goes on. But how do entrepreneurs stay up to date and keep up with the constant developments the startup ecosystem around the world? Pretty simple actually: Stay connected.

Now by all means, we don’t intend to sound cliche like all other ads that promote social media platforms, but staying connected online could do wonders. And no, we’re not saying that you should hop on all social media platforms to know what’s going on – we all know how hectic it can get, minus the cat videos of course. But we’re referring to a more systematic, noise-free, professional tool that will definitely keep you up-to-date: Newsletters.

Newsletters are the perfect effortless method to stay connected as you won’t have to dig in for the information yourself. It saves you time and effort, and within less than an hour, you get a proper overview on what’s going on. We at Startup MGZN, compiled you with a list of 7 best FREE newsletters out there to subscribe to and join the fun. Here they are:

  1. Startup Digest. If you’re too picky about what you read, then this is the perfect newsletter for you. When subscribing to Startup Digest, you get to choose what reading list you prefer, and if you want the news you receive to be local or global, in addition to the amount of updates sent to your inbox – so it doesn’t get too cluttered. Startup Digest covers topics on 3D printing, food tech, wearables, and emerging economies.


  1. Mattermark Daily: This newsletter features some of the best posts from investor and operators. Mattermark Daily is read by more than 100,000 business professionals, and it’s a good read if you’d like to know what goes around an investor’s head and how do they decide on which startup to invest in. It also covers topics on management and how companies deal with the challenges of maintaining their businesses.

  2. Saas Weekly: Serial entrepreneur Hiten Shah, co-founder of FYI, Product Habits, Quick Sprout amongst others, compiles some of the greatest content found across the web with the aim of helping Saas businesses expand.

    Although Saas Weekly only focuses on Saas businesses, it still includes a lot of other relevant and useful curated content including marketing, sales, product creation, content marketing and so much more.

  3. Founded by serial entrepreneur Noah Kagan, founder of App.Sumo, compiles some of the best business hacks, that Kagan personally used to kick off his multi-million dollar businesses. The newsletter has more than 700,000 subscribers and provides tips and case studies that every entrepreneur out that can benefit from. Most of Kagan’s articles are backed by data, which is makes is more authentic and reliable.

  4. Hacker Newsletter. Your best weekly source of curated articles on technology and startups. What makes Hacker Newsletter unique is that it has a very minimalistic design and all articles are broken into categories which makes it super easy for you to browse and pick.

  5. Tomasz Tunguz. Venture capitalist at Redpoint Ventures, and author of Winning with Data, Tomasz has a daily blog post where he mostly writes about issues that startups face, including management, employment, funding, and more. What makes Tomasz’s blog so great is that he backs up his information with data, so everything you read by Tomasz, is based on facts. His posts are distributed in Redpoint’s newsletter. These posts are distributed by email which is essentially what his newsletter consist.

  6. Seller Labs. Do you have your own Amazon business? Want to know more about e-commerce? Then subscribe to this newsletter NOW! Seller Labs is the best resource if you want to learn about Amazon seller software, tools, services, and advertising. If you want to keep up with the latest updates on Amazon’s platform, Seller Labs is your go to.

What are you waiting for? If we were you, we’d hurry up and subscribe to these incredible newsletters, as we don’t want to miss out on some of the hot juicy buzz that’s going around the startup scene.

Not to sound like show-offs, but feel free to subscribe to Startup MGZN’s newsletter for some hot juicy updates on regional startups.


Bayan Al-A'abed

Bayan Al-A'abed