6 Things you didn’t know you can do with NBB

You thought you knew everything there is to know about the National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) and their services considering they’re the leading banking group in our Kingdom, didn’t you? Well, guess again! 

NBB features an array of services many customers probably don’t know about, (some we didn’t know of either, don’t feel too bad!) We didn’t want you to miss out on learning and benefiting even more, so allow us to give you a little tour of things you didn’t realize you could do with NBB. 

  1. NBB’s Personal Loan Festival Campaign

It’s a festival, alright. Imagine winning an instant cash prize by just transferring your current personal loan from any other bank into an NBB account? Yes, you read that right, instant. NBB always has your best interest at heart, so of course this offer includes attractive features. You get an exclusive competitive rate, and you can pay off your loan in equal monthly installments, and if you can’t? Don’t worry, NBB has a flexible loan repayment plan that lasts up to 84 months! (See? Your best interest > anything else.)   

  1. Al Watani Saving Scheme 

NBB likes making people happy. Really, how many other banks would go out of their way to offer monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual (and that’s to name a few) continuous cash prizes across various platforms? Exactly. The prize amounts are surreal, and there’s no easier way to apply and potentially become one of the lucky winners!

All you have to do is deposit a minimum of BHD50 into your Express Savings or SaveWave accounts. That’s not all, you can withdraw your deposit at any time and still get a chance to win, in fact every monthly average balance of BHD50 is basically a chance closer to winning. You can do that through their online app! (or going to a branch, but why would you put yourself through extra work?

  1. Auto Loan for a Normal, Hybrid and Electrical car

Even your cars get love from NBB! Be it a normal car (with zero down payment) or a hybrid/electric one (zero processing fees), the special interest rates will get you interested. With this package, they offer you a maximum loan of BHD100,000, and you can pay off your loan comfortably in equal monthly installments or just stretch it up to 84 months. 

And to top your cake off with a cherry on top, you’ll feel extra love and secure with the loan protection insurance they’ll provide you with! Now who could say no to that? 

  1. Open a Digital Account and Win

We’re not kidding, this is an actual thing. All you need to do is open an account and deposit BHD50. For every BHD50, your chances to win increase and your name will automatically enter Al Watani Saving Scheme

You’re basically doubling your chances to win prizes all year long. The grand prize is a whopping $10,000, and four people will be the lucky winners. Who knows, you could be one of them! 

  1. Solar Panel Finance 

Our beloved bank is a leading organization in making choices to account for positive change in the environment, they champion for sustainability and this package basically helps you make environment-friendly choices too! 

NBB offers exclusive financing for you to install your very own solar energy panel. (We’re calling them right now to get our own, this is just so cool) Not only do you get 50% discount in life insurance fees, but they’re also helping you pay off your personal loans in monthly installments or stretch up to 84 months. Flexible and comfortable, no? 

  1. Deerat Al Oyoun

Would you like to get a new house? (Who wouldn’t? A fresh new crib? Sign us up!) NBB has just launched their campaign for Deerat Al Oyoun real estate project catered specifically for the Mazaya Financing Scheme and Joint Housing Scheme beneficiaries. Located at the heart of Muharraq, NBB is offering you the ideal home for you and your family, and for the first 30 buyers, they’re giving an instant cash prize of BHD1,000! Other exclusive features include:

  1. Zero processing fees
  2. Zero down payment
  3. Exclusive special rates
  4. Financing up to 30 years
  5. Property registration fees paid on your behalf (1.7% of the property value)
  6. No property evaluation fees
  7. Free life insurance 

And more offers that are just too many to count! 

We have to end our tour here, but that was quite enlightening, wasn’t it? NBB has so many services and products that sometimes, a few get overlooked. (Not on our watch though!

Visit their website to skim through all their services or just get in touch with us on our social media platforms through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We’d love to hear from you! 

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