Among the 100 startups that are building their business models, products and services on new technologies, two Bahraini startups, Skiplino and PayTabs are a part of a select group of companies that the World Economic Forum and the International Finance Corporation believe will shape the future in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

The list and initiative was put together in collaboration with the region’s leading entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem players, including Wamda, Flag6Labs, Kawar Investments, and Leap Ventures.

Back to the main point! Who are these Bahraini startups?

  1. Skiplino wants to make you less irritated. Do you like standing in line and waiting? Well, we didn’t think so. Skiplino wants to do something about it. The average person wastes six months of their lives standing in queues, Skiplino aims to solve this by offering an automated smart mobile solution to better manage traffic flow by letting them in the queue wherever they are and before they arrive at the queue. Imagine being in a bank’s queue while you’re still at home! They’re reinventing the way queuing works by making you wait online, rather than in real life. Skiplino was founded by Zaman AH. Zaman, , and Ricardo Gaspar from Bahrain, at Level Z.
  2. PayTabs is one of the Middle East’s leading payment processing startup, right from Bahrain, that helps people pay and get paid, simple and growing like crazy. PayTabs currently operates in Bahrain, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, amongst other countries, with plans to expand elsewhere in the world, including South-East Asia. Founded by Abdulaziz F. Al-Jouf, the expansion is aimed at small and medium enterprises with the help of it’s co-owner, Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Ventures. PayTabs is a one stop shop for SMEs online and one day, you can definitely imagine using them for our digital-centric world for your business.

Mirek Dusek, head of the Middle East and North Africa at the World Economic Forum, said in a statement in the website :“You can see the impact and ingenuity of Arab startups everywhere in the Arab world. We see impressive momentum and — with sovereign wealth funds and traditional family businesses — the emergence of a whole new type of venture capitalist. For me, this is the biggest underreported story in the region,”

Entrepreneurs will be joining the World Economic Forum on the MENA, from host country Jordan and from all economies of the region: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

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Amongst the other 98 startups features taking part in shaping the future, we’re really proud that two of those startups are a part of this revolution.

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