Ahmed Moussa an AI expert and technologist, and Basil Moftah, a venture capitalist have recently launched Stylar, an application that allows you street style pictures with real items, increase customer conversion and open up new venues of product discovery.

While doing a Master’s in data science, Ahmed began exploring the possibilities that AI held for parsing and recognizing human clothing. The idea resurfaced when Basil noticed that all of his 12-year old daughter’s clothing requests came from photos she’d seen on Instagram. “Shopping for my daughter made me realize that fashion discovery, especially among millennials, had completely changed’, says Stylar co-founder Basil Moftah. “There is a massive opportunity for retailers to capture new clients based on visual search, linking their items to outfits and looks showcased on social media platforms both by celebrities and influencers, as well as the user’s family and friends.”

Product discovery has expanded into becoming heavily dependant on visuals as many studies proved; image search accounts for 27% of inquiries in the world’s top 10 leading search engines and is an elevated habit among 62% of millennials. Of course, visual search is the most effective tool in retail fashion as consumers are frequently influenced to change the way they discover trends and products to get “the perfect look.” Be that as it may, retailers often struggle to adjust to these requests, depending on methods such as non-standard tagging and categorization techniques. Current tools grapple to examine street style photos with busy backgrounds and often miss details in garments.

Ahmed Moussa, the co-founder, remarked, “Knowing the challenges that retailers were facing with visual search, we set out to develop technology that could address these issues.” This resulted in the birth of the powerful AI technology of Stylar; it can analyze any internet image on any platform and can recognize a number of different fashion features up to 5,000 of them, including color coordination from an extensive palette.

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This platform offers users different choices to purchase from or compare items between exact items or replicas, while simultaneously giving retailers quick bits of knowledge about style and purchasing patterns.

Stylar is currently concentrating on products in the ladies’ fashion industry, the technology behind Stylar can be effectively adjusted to be utilized on many different verticals like men’s wear and furniture.

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