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This New App is Going to Change the Healthcare System in the UAE!

According to 2016 Research2Guidance Annual mHealth report, the global mobile health market would grow by some 33.8% over the next ten years to reach US$ 181.52 billion by 2025. The same report also revealed that almost 100,000 health-related apps had been launched on the market by 13,000 entrepreneurs. Nowadays, you can find over 259,000 medical apps in iOS and GooglePlay.

In times of severe competition on the market, a brand new mobile healthcare app called MyMedicNow has just disrupted the scene in the UAE. Its main aim is to fill the gap between patients and doctors. Its unique approach is to allow users find doctors by searching for symptoms and medical conditions explained the founder. The search process is quick, optimized and efficient to save the precious time of both patients and doctors. The app is currently available on iOS, Android, and via a web portal.

Dhaval Desai, the CEO of MyMedicNow, commented that the healthcare industry nowadays has been relying on innovation to find life-saving medications and conduct research on rare conditions. However, according to Desai, the most remarkable breakthrough in the healthcare was the smartphone and the apps.

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days as they are very accessible and affordable. According to recent data, two-thirds of the world population nowadays have a mobile connection. This fact has a huge impact not only on the mobile phones industry but also on the healthcare sector. Thanks to the constantly-growing mobile health industry, the paths of technology and medicine intersect to provide better solutions for the patients.

When people think of health apps, the first thing that rings a bell is the fitness tracker. In practice, there are much more healthcare-related apps. They even say there is an app for everything. Unlike many of its rivals, MyMedicNow helps its users make informed decisions in an accurate and fast manner. The user-friendly software is easy to navigate and ensures quick access to all the information one may need.





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