Tamkeen’s Mashroo3i Business Plan Competition is back for another year with fruitful contestants, and we can’t wait to share with you the awesome teams participating in this year’s 5th edition!  

If you are not familiar with Mashroo3i, the program draws young Bahrainis between the ages of 18 to 30 into the business world, providing them with the unique opportunity to experience what’s it like being an entrepreneur. The competition’s objective is to foster the entrepreneurial spirit amongst Bahraini youth. You can even check out the inspiring stories of the previous winners, including Aisha Jewels, Tamayyaz, the Body Jar, and Fannan.

By now, you’re probably eager to know who’re the finalists. So let’s not keep you waiting:

  1. Smartmama:  Whether you want to find the perfect place to care for your child like nursery, kindergarten, or someone to care for your child, Smartmama is simply a platform to help parents make smarter and better choices regarding their child care by easily accessing necessary information about skilled nurses and babysitters combined in one place along with other parents’ reviews, experiences, and ratings about the care, allowing you to compare and choose the best to suit you and your child. It’s founded by Noora Al Safar.
  2. Tome Pollom: Visualizing complex biomolecular concepts through simple, informative, and engaging 2d vector-based medical animation videos for medical students by Isa Sardar, Salman AlQarata, Ali Abdulnabi Abdulla.
  3. AlTaj Tea:  Abdulla Saeed AlBanna founded Altaj Tea and it provides a healthy lifestyle by offering organic tea with no chemicals involved in the production, while maintaining high-quality flavor.
  4. Benyan: Benyan enables consultants, investors, suppliers, and engineers to reduce risk, showcase their business and find new ways to connect securely and effectively. Founded by Amal AlHiddi, this startup also provides tools to manage building codes, avoid project delays and clarify requirements.
  5. BON for Coffee: This startup is founded by Najeeba Mohammed Yousif, and it aims to restore the Arabic spirit by providing Arabic coffee with a twist, offering unique flavors that are widely distributed, with the aim of grabbing everyone’s attention.
  6. Profound:  A user-friendly online platform by Noor and Salman Ali AlSoufi that allows you to surf through profiles and book sessions with service providers that meet your educational, social and professional needs.
  7. Doctoric: Rashed AlNabhani and AlBaraa Ahmed AlKhan put together an online platform that helps patients navigate through the exhausting cycle of finding doctors and booking appointments easier.
  8. Eco Energy: For a better, healthier tomorrow in terms of environment and economic spending, Eco Energy provides power solutions and consultancy that will help you reduce your electricity bill and it’s founded by Shathar Hussain, Dana Ahmed, Amani Khaled.
  9. Evno:A platform by Sadeq Abedali, Ahmed Ali and Ahmed AlSanadi that supports setting up, and managing events, as well as exploring events that suit your interests.
  10. Fantasia Event: Fantasia Event offers high-quality fantasy entertainment and festival activities that reflect the Gulf culture in a modern and unique way, with the use of the latest theater techniques, lighting, and imagery. Founded by Zainab AlHayki and Mahmood AlJeshi, the event aims to contribute to the growth of the tourism sector, attracting family visitors and promoting the Kingdom of Bahrain as a hub for tourist attractions in the Middle East during its five-year construction stage.
  11. GoBus: A system that provides customers with an effective, efficient and affordable transportation method across Bahrain, available at all times. This startup was founded by Mariam Milaad and Asim Zafar.
  12. Hummy Yummy:  By Abrar AlHalwachi and Zainab AlAradi, Hummy Yummy offers fresh and healthy homemade food for kids from the age of 6 to 18 months, without any artificial color and food preservatives to maintain a healthy lifestyle for children.
  13. Qompass: An app developed by Husain Hubail, Baqer AlKetab and Ali AlShaikh that aims to bridge the gap between freelancers and clients. Founders seek for the app to become a platform for freelancers to showcase their creativity and ability and allow clients to find the right service.
  14. iTadweerThis app links people with recycling companies that aim to activate the role of being socially responsible and contribute to creating a sustainable environment. It also seeks to build a successful cooperation framework between public and private sectors in regards to recycling. It was founded by Salman Jassim and Jaffar AlHamad.
  15. Karat: Karat is a mobile app by Hasan AlMadhoob and Eman Qambar that simplifies jewelry browsing & purchasing for everyone; whether it’s a shiny gold bracelet for mother’s day, a luxury watch for yourself or a nice diamond set! It definitely beats rounding the shops that are always full of crowds.
  16. Mufakir: Mufakir is a multidisciplinary agency that provides Artificial Intelligence offerings. Founded by Mohamed Buallay and Mohamed Salman, the startup specializes in dealing with Big Data to develop personalized solutions for the clients in a Business Development context which would enhance their Key Metrics.
  17. Nabta: Zahraa AlZaki and Siddiqa Mohamed built this startup that makes homemade natural organic body care products extracted purely from plants, with essential oils being the main product.
  18. Newton’s Apple: Newton’s Apple Science Centre is an interactive space with passionate teachers that aim to make your child enthusiastic about maths and physics! They teach maths and physics through animations, stories, visuals, games, labs, hands-on activities and more Founded by Husain Alseroo, Ali Alseroo, Ali Khalifa.
  19. OnWheels Locator: Ebrahim Mearaj and Muhannad Kamalulddin created OnWheels Locator, which is a marketplace for OnWheel businesses to provide discovery, booking and support service.
  20. PKT: An invention related to habilitation, rehabilitation cerebral palsy children & neurological diseases. Founded by Fatema Al Khenaizi, Hawraa Ammar and Abrar Ali, PKT is a machine that helps patients with physical disabilities reach their maximum physical or gross motor functional level in record time & results of the highest quality & therapeutic efficiency.
  21. Legacy: Legacy is Bahrain’s first Franchising Company that will bridge the gap between international franchises and their franchisees in Bahrain along with easing the pass for local Bahraini businesses to grow beyond our Kingdom’s borders and compete at a global level. This startup was founded by Ola Al Tehoo and Maryam Al Ameeri.
  22. Regnum Studio: Apollo X is a Sci-Fi horror game that uses Virtual Reality and biofeedback technology. Created by Noof Abdulla and Mahmood Al Sarhani, this adaptive type of game changes according to the player’s heart rate. The game becomes scarier depending on the increasing levels of fear the player feels, which encourages the player to control their emotions.
  23. Ribbon: Ribbon was created by Ayman AlAbed, Ahmed Yateem, and Nadeen Yateem and it’s a platform that connects local outlets to their customers. A creative solution that strives to eliminate the current traditional shopping experience.
  24. Shields Lab: Ammar AlGhasra and Ahmed Al Farsani project is an intelligent detection system that senses drowning incidents in swimming pools and alerts people present using audio and visual alarms, aiming to preserve life and eradicate unnecessary child death incidents in these swimming pools.
  25. Square Funds: A comparison website that helps micro-investors to invest and compare investment and saving schemes and mutual funds available in Bahrain financial market.
  26. Telp: Need help? They can Telp! Founded by Ameena Bucheeri, Telp brings you the tutor to help you need through an online platform that offers a transparent, knowledge sharing community where students can find and book sessions with the right tutors in a matter of minutes.
  27. DocWhere: MedNS is a medical application created by Sara Abdulla and Nahla AlSunni. With a broad base of healthcare providers and Medical information for patients, this app will improve and facilitate finding the best doctor for your condition.
  28. The Cult:Aiming towards presenting Bahrain as a prominent destination within the arts community and an influence to the region, Saud Al Doseri and Reem Ebrahim founded “The Cult”, which is a multi-purpose and multi-functional venue that tends to both aspiring artists and prospective vendors. An influential hub that provides space for networking and exhibits one’s talent.
  29. WHITES: Founded by Noora AlAsam and Aisha AlAsam; WHITES is a high tech medical Bahraini clothing brand that provides protection and fashion with a cozy coffee corner in each branch.TZOOR: TZOOR is an online platform that provides a simple way to discover and book attraction, activities, and things to do by Abdulla Isa Abdulla
  30. TZOOR: TZOOR is an online platform that provides a simple way to discover and book attraction, activities, and things to do by Abdulla Isa Abdulla.

Got too excited about Mashroo3i and would like to hop on board? No worries! Mashroo3i is held annually and you can join them this year! You can read all about what to expect here.

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