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We at Startup MGZN firmly believe in collaborative work and having this platform and publication driven by the community, that is why we’re always on the lookout for fresh ideas and thoughtful contributors.

If you feel you have a story worth sharing or an idea worth communicating, reach out to us! Your contribution may inspire many to start their business, grow and develop it, take up a new challenge, or more. We have an extensive social media reach that can help get you and your contribution some excellent exposure. If you’d like to contribute, shoot us a quick email with your thoughts at

What we’re looking for.

Do you think you have a unique take or perspective on things? Some advice, guidance, tips, or experience you’d like to share with our readers? Then we’re looking for you and your ideas.

What we’re not looking out for.

With rare exceptions, we aren’t looking for opinion pieces or personal reactions to the news. However, If you have a deeper understanding for reporting related to something in the news or can provide expert and relevant context, pitch away! We’re also not looking for contributions already published elsewhere, nor would we consider anonymous or pseudonymous submissions.

Editorial Guidelines

We have just a couple of rules that we ask you to stick to when writing for Startup MGZN:

  1. Articles no shorter than 300 words, no longer than 800 words. Brevity is important, unless you have a big idea to share!
  2. Make it relevant to our audience; aspiring entrepreneurs, students, businessmen and women, startups, policy-makers, and representatives from various organisations in the region.
  3. The title of the contribution should be attractive and captivating.
  4. The content you produce should be well-written and professional, and more importantly, your original work.
  5. Content that is unique, contains a new, hot take on issues and topics will be favoured.
  6. Content that offers practical advice or tips will be favoured as well.
  7. Feel free to link to any source you reference throughout the article.
  8. We reserve the right to edit the content if we think it requires any editing.
  9. By submitting your content to Startup MGZN, you’re granting us a non-exclusive licence to use, edit and promote your content, which means that you keep ownership of your work, but we’re allowed to use it in full or in part.
  10. If at any time you want to have your work removed from Startup MGZN, you just need to let us know.

If you’d like to contribute to Startup MGZN, shoot us a quick email with your thoughts at

We cannot promise that all articles contributed will be published.